UK consumers can choose from a great number of providers for TV, broadband, and phone services. However, the many choices available might make it difficult to find which provider can offer the best services for each one. Consumers can always choose an individual service for cable, Internet, and their data plans but later on find that they cannot maximise the services each of their providers offer.


By combining your TV, broadband, and phone services, you can actually save plenty of money in the process. Of course, this is not a sure-fire way to maximise and make the experience satisfying. Before signing up for a service, it is essential that consumers take note of their frequent usage of each service.


Here are the advantages and disadvantages of combining all these services under one provider.




Combined Packages are Cheaper


Bundled plans for TV, broadband, and phone services often have a 10-15% discount tag for each service. Some providers even offer lower discounts during promotional periods. In any case, you will not be paying a provider’s full-priced TV service upon signing up for a TV-broadband-phone bundle. You will save money by signing up for these bundles because the package’s services operate 100% without compromise despite paying less than the usual subscription price.


This means the normal TV service that offers 100 freeview channels will still have the same number of channels when you sign up for a bundle. However, these specifics may vary as providers can change the TV, broadband, and phone package’s offers especially if it is heavily discounted as part of their promotion.


Pay Once for Everything (and Forget About It)


Another advantage is you will only get one billing statement for your TV, broadband, and phone services. Most bundled plans also have a fixed rate, which means you will pay the same amount each period without any changes.


Costs usually vary when it comes to the TV and phone. Some providers allow bundled subscribers to add premium channels for an additional monthly cost. International calls may have their own per-minute costs aside from your fixed phone rates (unless these call types are included in your package).


Some providers allow subscribers to upgrade their broadband speed or bandwidth allocation, which will mean bill increases. However, despite your additions and upgrades, you will still pay a single amount to one provider.


Provider’s Quality Assurance


A well-trusted brand’s offerings will have consistent service quality for each of services offered in their bundle. If you have found their phone service to work effectively for your situation, then you can expect the same with their broadband and TV service.


The same goes for troubling providers. If their phone services are troublesome, then it might seep into your other bundled services. Therefore, before signing up, check on the provider’s quality of service and their consistency in delivering such to their consumers. The best places to start are through finding online reviews on forums, review sites, and even social media.




A Single Complaint Line


As mentioned earlier, you are subscribing to the promise of the brand’s capabilities. Therefore, if they have a clogged customer service line for both phone and online portals, then you will find difficulty in getting your complaints through.


If you had different providers, then you can address your TV, broadband, and phone issues individually. A faster customer service from your phone provider leaves you with fewer issues especially if your TV service provider’s lines are slow or often busy.


Once again, it would be best to find forums or ask existing subscribers about their service experience especially when dealing with service issues through customer service lines.


Limited to Provider’s Options Only

You can have 100 freeview channels, a monthly 60GB bandwidth allocation, and 500 minutes of local and 100 minutes international calls from your provider. However, if your favorite channel is not available from the freeview channels (and not even from your provider’s premium channels), then you might consider the TV bundle a loss even if you are satisfied with your broadband and phone services.


If you frequently make international calls, then 100 minutes might not be what you need. In fact, territorial limitations may also apply with these international service calls, which means you may have to pay for better phone services. However, because it is part of a bundle, it is unlikely you can have this upgrade


You Might Not Get Your Money’s Worth


Providers create bundles often to sell their other services that fail to gain traction from the majority of consumers. While it does sound affordable to pay for a 60GB monthly allocation for less, if the provider is not known for its Internet service excellence, then you might not be paying for your money’s worth even if the provider offers top-notch phone or TV service.


In addition, even if the price of a TV-broadband-phone service bundle is equivalent to a premium broadband service, if you do not frequently use your TV or phone but often max out your broadband bandwidth, then it could mean you are not maximising your package.




It can be difficult to find and combine the perfect TV, broadband, and phone package for you. However, with careful understanding of your usage of the following service, you can find a bundle that will not only save you money, but provide you with a satisfying experience.

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