Action on Hearing Loss is UK’s national charity whose primary concern is to help people confronted with life-changing deafness, tinnitus and hearing loss. The individuals they support may be struggling with their condition, or may be living well with it but are confronted with barriers and ignorance in their way. They help these people take control of their lives without making assumptions of the things they can or cannot do.


With support of people like you, they can continue these vital services to allow individuals with hearing loss to live the life they choose whether they’re at work or at home, wherever they are. Helping the organisation will allow them to carry out more research in helping find a cure.


How It All Began


Action on Hearing Loss has been helping individuals with hearing loss for over a century and has since changed the lives of millions since their conception. Their key achievements include lobbying the NHS to provide free hearing aids back in 1948, and hearing-screening for neonates in 2000. The org has also been involved in breakthrough research and is one of UK’s leading specialist-care providers for people suffering from hearing loss.


In the early part of the 1900s, a successful banker in the person of Leo Bonn affected with hearing loss decided to use his fortune in improving the lives of those who were deaf or having hearing loss. There were lots of schools, societies, and missions who were working for the education and welfare of deaf people but none of them were in sync. Leo felt the need for a new, national organization so that activities could be coordinated and more people could take advantage. He had an ambitious end in mind: to support and care for individuals suffering from hearing loss, educate those most at risk of destroying their hearing, and raise awareness of how isolating hearing loss can get.


By 1910, Mary Hare, Leo’s lipreading teaching introduced him to Arthur Story who was the headmaster of the Mount Blind and Deaf School in Stoke-on-Trent. Story was leading the call for a national organisation for deaf people. He became so impressed that on June 9, 1911 Leo hosted a meeting of the organisations in his Mayfair home’s dining room and offered to fund and establish the National Bureau for promoting the General Welfare of the Deaf.


Continuing the work that Leo has begun, the founding organisations came up with three goals: to coordinate charity activities dedicated to deaf people, provide accurate statistics and information, and suggest reforms that could help improve their lives. So much has been achieved since then, but the org’s work is far from over. Today, Action on Hearing Loss three aims are to provide Support and Care, develop Technology and Treatments, as well as achieve Equality for everyone having deafness, tinnitus, and hearing loss. They’re driven to succeed with the same passion to improve lives, the way their founder Leo Bonn did.


The Organisation


Action of Hearing Loss is governed by a Board of Trustees who give them the benefit of their extensive experience in a non-executive scope. They conduct regular meetings to review the org’s performance and strategies and decide the direction and budget in line with their overall purpose. There are 14 Trustees that work with them voluntarily to ensure that they effectively help people confronting deafness, tinnitus, and hearing loss in living the life they choose.


The leadership team is headed by the org’s Chief Executive Paul Breckell. Mr. Breckell is responsible for their day to day management. He is assisted by five other Executive Directors and eight Directors. These gifted individuals come from diverse backgrounds in the charity and private sectors but share the same passion for the organisation’s cause.


Working With Action on Hearing Loss


Action on Hearing Loss employs over 1,000 staff in more than 80 locations across the United Kingdom. They know that people working with them are vital to their success. In order to achieve their goals, they have to make sure that they recruit and retain the best individuals possessing the right skills, sharing their values. The organisation offers a range of excellent benefits and access to ongoing support, learning and development programmes all over the country.


Donating to Action on Hearing Loss


Action on Hearing Loss needs YOUR help for them to provide vital support to thousands of people affected by deafness, tinnitus and hearing loss. Donate today and change lives by funding research crucial to much-needed treatments and cures, as well as providing emotional and practical support. This way, no one who is affected by hearing loss will ever have to feel alone.


How You Can Help


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