Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) is the UK’s largest centre for child heart surgery. In fact, it is the biggest children’s heart transplantation centre in the rest of the world. In 1962, the organisation created the world’s first heart and lung bypass machine. They have worked closely with children’s author Roald Dahl to create shunt valves for hydrocephalic children and heart valve replacements.


The organisation is closely associated with University College London and the UCL Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health. It was founded in 1852 and was formerly known as the Hospital for Sick Children at Great Ormond Street.


Mission Vision


GOSH’s mission is to help all young children who are battling complex illnesses through the help of the country’s brightest minds to contribute pioneering medical tributes. As a non-profit organisation, donors from all walks of life and corporations aligned with their cause fund their efforts in providing qualitative and medical support for children battling medical problems and those diagnosed with debilitating conditions.


It was formerly known as the Hospital for Sick Children founded on 14 February 1852. It was the first hospital to provide dedicated medical support and facilities for English children, despite only having 10 beds. Under the patronage of Queen Victoria and Charles Dickens, the funding improved the facilities’ qualities and helped make it one of the world’s leading hospitals for children.


Roles and Contributions


Dedicated to improving their child-oriented medical services at all levels, GOSH is the biggest funder of researches and tests focused on medical, psychological, and scientific research focused on children.


Aside from their focus on research, the organisation also helps support the design, construction, and fitting of new facilities for children. Its infrastructure projects also include renovating older areas to provide the best services for child patients.


GOSH was responsible for finishing the Mittal Children’s Medical Centre and its new connecting wings. It also played a huge role in completing the Zayed Centre for Research into Rare Disease in Children.


Largest Funder of Paedriatric Research


Doctor Charles West focus on helping children with complex disease has never been lost throughout the centuries of success GOSH has experienced. The University College London and the UCL Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health partner with the organisation to implement their ground-breaking research results into the wards.


GOSH, partnered with children’s medical research charity Sparks, has merged to create the largest children’s health research fund up to £2 million. It had previously committed more than £13.6 million to children’s health research in 2016-2017 and intend to invest £50 million more in the near future.


Help for Patients through Qualitative Support


Aside from research and developing technologies to implement their high quality of children’s medical care, GOSH provides services to ease the burden on families and improve hope and positivity in children through their qualitative services.


GOSH’s support projects are a holistic patient and family experience. Not only is it focused on support and advice to parents and children, but also brings fun and positivity as patients come to terms with their illness. Other support projects include children’s art, play, and live music activities.


The organisation’s support projects also include multi-faith chaplaincy. Regardless of a child and family’s faith, they will always have a place of worship in GOSH.


How to Get Involved


Join Marathons


GOSH creates marathon events all over the UK and all throughout the world. The Berlin marathon is one of its international marathons. Meanwhile, if you’re in the UK, you can participate in “Tough Mudder,” “AJ Bell London Triathlon,” “Royal Parks Half-Marathon,” and other marathons to test your strength and skill. In fact, you could join their skydiving events with all proceeds helping children’s research funding improve.


Create Your Own Event


You can choose to create a local bakeoff or create a gala dinner. Regardless of your choice, GOSH is willing to hear about your fundraising ideas. The Matchplay Cup, which brings together different teams of people to play golf against each other in a Ryder-style match, has become quite successful. Nowadays, it has become a yearly staple.


The event is capable of raising £100,000 to fund Great Ormond Street Hospital that has helped numerous children with complex diseases receive the proper care they deserve.


Make a One-Off Donation


On their website, GOSH allows any visitor to donate from £5 to how much they can provide. The small minimal amount can provide a family and child the qualitative support they need through the phone. As more donations come in, it provides GOSH the capability to improve their equipment, facilities, medical services, research, and other endeavours aimed to better the conditions faced by ailing children in the United Kingdom.


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