The Royal Voluntary Service is a charity organisation that aims to help the UK’s deprived elderly have better living conditions through individuals that provide qualitative help through conversations and accompaniment.


Women who were willing to help raise awareness and prepare the public during the Second World War’s air raids originally founded the charity. It is a voluntary organisation that disregards ranking, allowing duchesses to work with chars.


During the Second World War, the organisation provided meals and drinks for soldiers and firemen. They also worked to serve those who were injured and lost their homes. Today, it stands to uphold the rights of the elderly to have a better life.


Mission Vision


The Royal Voluntary Service was originally composed of women only during the early days of the Second World War. They were recruited into the Air Raid Precautions service to inform households and neighbourhoods about routines involved when a German Air Raid came into the country.


Today, it focuses on helping elderly people have a better chance at life. They do this by using volunteers to provide qualitative help and companionship. It also aims to supply them with knowledge about their medical appointments and to improve their public care by lobbying for government initiatives.


Roles and Contributions


The charity organisation has helped more than 100,000 elderly people each month. Working with 25,000 volunteers, they have listened and engaged elderly people who often live alone. Its volunteers work to improve the physical capabilities of older adults through simple exercise and activities.


The volunteers also provide companionship especially after an elderly has gone through a medical procedure. Older individuals tend to go home alone after their treatment without another set of eyes to monitor their recovery.


The UK’s elderly have high mortality rates due to a lack of company and activities. Volunteers help them reach these social events or create conversations to engage and encourage the UK’s older population.


Helping the Elderly Through Conversations and Qualitative Help


The Royal Volunteer Service has 25,000 volunteers that provide communication and qualitative support for the elderly. Through conversation, the elderly can find the motivation to grow significantly despite their age by defining what makes their being improve. The charity’s volunteers can create participatory activities to motivate and inspire the elderly.


The charity organisation has held interviews with elderly focus groups to build this knowledge upon their experience and knowledge. Using this information, the organisation works with local councils to create local activities to get involved individually and become better versions of themselves even at the twilight of their lives.


Raising Awareness About Elderly Rights and Needs      


The elderly are often seen as a burden in both private and public families. Because of their limited physical capabilities and the economy forcing corporations to take their pensions from existing employee’s salaries, the elderly are often viewed in a negative light.


By improving their physical and mental well-being through exercises designed to avoid failing health and improving their sociability and motivation through participatory activities, the UK’s elderly can find simple employment and support themselves. Meanwhile, the charity’s volunteers serve as company and organise activities for them to create new circles that allow them to grow despite their elderly age.


How to Get Involved


Become a Volunteer


As a volunteer, your role is to converse and inspire the elderly. You will be tasked an older adult to converse with and keep company. You will help them with qualitative tasks such as informing them of their medical appointments to social activities. Volunteers are also tasked with creating participatory events that the older adult will find inspiration and motivation based on their definition of wellness.


However, you are not to be a homemaker for the elderly. You will not clean their house or prepare food for them. As a volunteer, your role is to add value to their lives and not function as their personal caregiver.


Create or Join a Fundraiser


Volunteering may take so much time especially for professionals working on a daily basis. However, you can join the organisation’s fundraisers or create your own fundraising activities.


You can help the Royal Volunteer Service by bringing home a money box or jam jar where you can spend your spare change to donate to the cause. You can also create activities from bake-offs, marathons, or a simple door-to-door collection in your own neighbourhood.


Give a One-Off Donation


Donating to the Royal Volunteer Service is easy. You can donate as much as £5 to run a lunch club for older individuals. Your donation of £10 can help older people have companions going home after their crucial medical procedure. A larger donation helps recruit, train, and support more volunteers. A small amount goes a long way.


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