ActionAid believes that the poorest and most vulnerable people can become empowered when given the right attention, guidance, and support. This organization focuses on ending the inequality in girls and women that makes them vulnerable to exploitation. When women are safe and out of poverty, they can live the life that they want for themselves and their families.


What They Do


Violence Against Women and Girls


One in three women and girls worldwide suffer from this kind of human rights abuse. The root cause? Gender Inequality. These include domestic violence, rape, sexual harassment and even harmful practices such as female genital mutilation or FGM. This happens everywhere and made worse by a woman’s identity. Be it her class, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and migrant status.


ActionAid provides a vital role when it comes to funding, training and support together with women’s rights organizations. They hold strong campaigns to make sure donors, governments and the international community as a whole show leadership in fighting violence committed against women and girls.


ActionAid focuses on key areas such as sexual reproductive health and rights, female genital mutilation (FGM), child marriage, acid attacks, rape and sexual assault, and the women’s rights organizations that challenge violence.


Economic Empowerment of Women


There are so many barriers in rural and urban communities that exclude and marginalise women. They have no access to decent work and public services, and rest and leisure are virtually unheard of. A lot of the social and cultural practices put girls and women at a high risk of violence and exploitation. They are also the bearer of the heavy responsibility of unpaid care work. This results in women dropping out of school, losing access to decent livelihood and better opportunities.


ActionAid help women in the poorest communities by supporting their demand for a fair division of unpaid care work. This is done by providing public services such as education centres and government services that will greatly reduce the time spent by women, especially women farmers in cooking, and collecting food and water.


The organization’s Tax Justice Campaign also advocate for women to have decent jobs and fair taxes. This aims for fairer taxation of multinational corporations and improve public policies that will treat women fairly.




Education save lives, especially for girls and women. It transforms societies and promotes equality . But despite education being an effective means of reducing inequality, over 150 million children in the world are forced to quit school in order to help their families.


ActionAid empowers local communities and supports organisations at all levels. It is working hard to destroy the barriers that prevent children from realising the full potential of education. The organisation focuses on four key areas namely: promoting rights in schools, financing education, girl’s education and violence, and empowerment through literacy.


ActionAid supports children, parents and teachers alike, communities, unions and local organisations in monitoring improving the quality of public education. This includes the ACRE project (action for children’s rights in education) in Ghana, Malawi, Uganda, Tanzania, and Kenya.


Majority of poor countries suffer from a chronically underfunded form of education. ActionAid fights for a larger share of funds to be used on education to benefit girls and marginalised kids. Moreover, the organization have ground-breaking projects to finally put an end to discrimination at school through prejudice and violence. So far, 10,000 girls in Kenya, Mozambique, and Ghana are benefiting from the project.


Conflict and Emergencies


When disaster strikes, people living in poverty are at the highest risk. There are several factors behind this. They lack phones or radio so they don’t receive any warnings. Sometimes, they cannot read safety advice because they are illiterate. There are also very little resources and government protection is scarce.


Thus, ActionAid responds in a matter of hours, providing vital resources like food, water, and shelter. Their responses are linked to their ongoing projects and stay as long as they are needed. They give practical support to make sure the locals have a asy in rebuilding their communities and acquiring decent livelihoods.




Approximately 8,200 people die of AIDS every day, majority of them come from poor countries. Effective anti-retroviral treatments are expensive. Ten million people with HIV and Aids have no access to this much needed treatment.


Since 1987 ActionAid has been giving much needed support to people living with HIV/AIDS in 23 countries. It is also lobbying and campaigning international institutions and rich governments to make drugs accessible, and the care and treatment without any bias. Not only that, ActionAid also calls for the decriminalisation of HIV transmission, fight against violence against women, promote patients with quality health care, and calls for the universal access to anti-retroviral treatments.


The Youth


The concerns of the youth surrounding health, education and jobs are not receiving sufficient global attention. ActionAid is committed to helping young people by mobilising youth to take sustained actions, work with the poor and marginalised groups of all young people, and looking closely at the prospective livelihood options for the out-of-school-youth, and those transitioning from school to work.


ActionAid believes that these development solutions must never follow a different logic or lower standards. Nor should they pay less attention to human rights.



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