DogsTrust’s mission is to bring about the day when all dogs enjoy happy lives, free from threats of unnecessary destruction.  Dog theft is reportedly on the rise. Thus, DogsTrust is urging owners to be vigilant through the campaign video ‘Family Pawtraits’.


Dog Theft


For the past few years, incidences of dog theft has steadily been increasing. Home and garden are the top locations for theft. The organization is therefore urging owners to keep a sharp eye on their pets and never leave them in public places. Making small changes can also help greatly in protecting their pets.


To many, dogs are not just pets. They are trusted companions and part of the family. Thus, it is crucial to keep them safe. By following these three simple steps, you can greatly reduce the risk of dog theft and increase the chances of being reunited with your beloved pet if ever they stray or get lost:


  • SAFE- Secure your garden and your entire property
  • SPOTTABLE- Don’t allow them to be out of sight and train them to come back
  • SEARCHABLE- Know what to do in the event that they go missing


Dog Fouling


Regardless if you’re a pet owner or not, dog poo affects everyone. You don’t want to see them in parks, on your pavement, and especially on your shoe! Dog fouling is one of the biggest nuisances in public places in the UK. Not only does it stink and a pain the eye, it’s also unhygienic. This spreads disease and is a very expensive problem to deal with for the local authorities.


The Big Scoop’s mission is to see dog owners take full responsibility in picking up after their dogs and by doing so helping reduce the amount of dog mess that’s being scattered in public places. With your help, DogsTrust can create cleaner green spaces all over the country.


Even if public spaces in the country have designated dog poo bins, any litter bin will do. You don’t have to worry if a designated dog poo bin in sight because you can just toss your bag in the nearest litter bin around. Remember, just bag and bin it! Not only is it against the law  not to pick up after your dog, you could also be subjected to a fine amounting to a thousand pounds!


Microchipping, Collar and Tag


Losing one’s dog is one of the most painful and stressful experiences for dog owners. Any dog has the potential to be stolen or stray. Last year, almost 5,000 dogs faced having to be put to sleep. All because their owners hadn’t updated their contact details. There are things you can do to prevent this and give yourself the best chance of being reunited with your pet if worse comes to worst.


Keep Your Dog’s Chip Details Up to Date


Not only is having your dog microchipped important, it is also crucial to remember to have these chip details constantly updated. Moving house or changing phone numbers requires you to contact your microchip database. This way you are guaranteed that you will be reunited with your dog in the event that it goes missing. Furthermore, it’s a legal requirement to make sure all these details are up to date or else you could be fined.


Collar and Tag


Your dog tag’s contact details allows any member of the public to help return your dog if ever it goes missing. When a dog warden is called and your dog is wearing its tag, they will attempt to return your dog without having to take it to the dog pound. Thus, your dog is less likely to be picked up and impounded by your local dog warden and prevent you from paying a fee to get your pet back. Therefore, having updated contact details on your dog’s tag is the quickest way to be reunited with your dog.


The law states that your dog must wear a collar and a tag with name and address of the owner in it. Regardless whether your dog has been microchipped or is on the lead, if your dog is found not wearing a collar and tag, the owner could be facing an unlimited fine.


An Appeal


As one of the leading dog welfare charities, DogsTrust feels they have a duty to improve canine welfare outside the UK. Their international network is crucial in transforming how the public think of and value dogs. A gift from you would help them continue their important work to reduce canine suffering all across the globe.


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