Sixty years ago, in 1955, two friends found out that both of them had given birth to children who were deafblind. As a result, they felt isolated from society, unable to turn to anyone for the proper care of their children. Worse, they feared for their offspring being outcast, unable to live normal, fulfilled lives.


It was then that Peggy Freeman and Margaret Brock therefore decided to change the fate of their children. They gathered families who were managing the same ordeal that they were in, and together, they learned different ways on how people having complex communication needs make sense of the world.


Today, Sense is a national disability charity who aims to create change through supporting people who are not only deafblind, but those who have complex communication needs.


All about “Complex communication needs”


Sense created the term “complex communication needs” to encapsulate not only conditions of deafblindness, but also to all other conditions which Sense aims to support.


Communication is at the heart of the organization, which is why Sense supports a wide range of needs such as those with single, dual, or multi-sensory disabilities. Sense goes a step further by opening their doors to individuals who have more complex needs, such as those who have additional learning impairments, physical disabilities, and those with autism.


The organization also understands that adults also develop impairments and complex needs which only manifest themselves through age, such as premature sight and hearing loss.


Sense is dedicated to reach out to individuals and families who are having difficulty connecting with the world due to their special needs, hence “complex communication needs” being inclusive of a wide range of disabilities.


The future we envision, the mission we aim to achieve


The vision of Sense is simple: a world where no one is left out; where those with complex communication needs are not isolated, where they can fulfil their maximum potential and achieve the best quality of life which they deserve.


Sense supports children and young adults as they transition to lives outside their homes. The organization aims to make them loved members of their communities, able to communicate and enjoy their lives as much as whose who are born without disabilities.


Sense is also active in helping families learn the appropriate tools in order to bridge the communication gap between them and their disabled, which includes counselling, practical skills, and family bonding events.


Sense is dedicated to finding the right kind of support for each and every individual with complex communication needs, and we are steadfast in influencing communities to reach out and create the world we envision.


What does Sense do?


Sense provides a wide range of support services for individuals, families, and communities. A dedicated team of passionate people are just a call away in order to listen to every unique situation in order for them to fully understand and develop a strategic support program to suit your needs.


Sense provides residential services where individuals with complex communication needs are taken care of. Sense volunteers also provide home-based services for those who cannot leave the comfort of their home, and can provide individual support services such as communication intervention and guiding services, to help individuals adapt to their respective communities.


The organization also believes that living fulfilled lives is not only confined to the household, which is why Sense also provides arts, sports, and well-being programs for those with complex communication needs. the activities will allow them to engage all their senses and will help them break barriers and interact with their families, the community, and the world around them.


The mission of Sense is not complete without introducing these people back into the world. Sense provides special education and skills training as alternative communication techniques and develops various approaches for communication which would help those with complex communication needs, and their families, live their lives with the least difficulty and the most inclusion in modern society.


Sense is continuously changing


Sense makes sure that the individual is the focus of their programs, which is why the organization is constantly evolving to new experiences. The realization of the dream does not end with the performance of its programs, rather, it is with the programs that we understand what more we can do, and how we can influence more people and more communities to join the cause. Sense wants to create an impact to the world by shaping the way we understand those with complex communication needs, and comprehending the way they see the world.


Why are YOU important?


Like most charity organizations, Sense can only go so far as the people who support their activities. Sense is continuously looking for like-minded individuals who share in the same passion for understanding people with complex communication needs and whose who want to change the way we see communication.


Sense has a wide range of activities where people from all walks of life can participate in. Apart from volunteering in your local Sense community and becoming a champion for those with complex communication needs, you can donate as little as £10 and make a huge difference in the life of a deafblind child.


You can also donate your used-but-not-abused goods to a local Sense shop, where they will be sold to fund the organization. You can also shop Sense items through your mobile phone, wherever you are, and help with the cause.


Sense is also open to fundraising events and marathons which spread awareness of people with complex communication needs and how they can help.


Your word is the most important part of the campaign, as every single people who understands the cause means another life changed for the better.


To find out more about who Sense is and how you can be a champion, please visit


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