Every year, Shelter helps millions of people who are struggling with homelessness or bad housing by providing advice, support, as well as legal services. They campaign to make sure that someday no one will have to turn to them for help any longer.




Shelter has been campaigning since 1966 and will not stop until there is a safe, secure, and affordable home for all individuals. It was formed in 1966 by the founding chairman Bruce Kenrick and Des Wilson in response to the country’s bewildering housing crisis. They had a vision together with co-founders Edwin Barker, David Reid, Rev. Eammon Casey and Lewis Waddilove to establish an organisation that will speak for the millions of the “hidden homeless” that were living in overcrowded slums. Thus, the birth of Shelter.


In the same year BBC directed a film entitled Cathy Come HOme which was directed by Ken Loach. This was about a young family that was pulled apart by the horrible housing conditions. The film was watched by more than 12 million people. It had a tremendous impact which ensured public empathy and support for Shelter right from the start.


The organisation has achieved  a lot since then. This included monumental changes in law, such as England’s introduction of the Tenancy Deposit Scheme as well as the commitment in Scotland that, starting 2012, every individual will have the right to a home. But shelter will never rest on these achievements. Until there is home for everyone, their fight continues.


What They Do


Shelter helps people through their expert advice and support.They give this to people across UK using one-on-one, personalised help with all the housing issues they’re confronted with. There’s also online advice you can take advantage of, everything from reclaiming your deposit to applying as homeless. There’s an adiviser you can talk to over webchat. There’s also a free emergency helpline open all year round which is often the first port of call for individuals having housing crisis. The shelter also give free legal advice and attend court in order to help people who have lost their homes, as well as those who are facing eviction.


As United Kingdom’s leading housing and homelessness charity, it develops practical solutions to address housing crisis. They also work alongside the housing sector in order to promote good practice, publish reports, as well as deliver professional training.


Their Vision


Shelter strives everyday to provide people with the help that they need and campaigns restlessly to achieve their vision of a safe, secure and affordable home for all.


Being safe means being in a supportive community where one is free from harassment from landlords, as well as living somewhere your kids aren’t at risk from damp or faulty electrical wiring. It’s feeling secure with the knowledge that even if you lose your home, you have a safety net that will catch you.


Security means having a long-term tenancy so you can plan longer than a few months, and being able to raise issues without fear or threat of getting evicted. This is knowing that there is appropriate, reliable support available for you and your family if ever you lose your home.


Affordability is making sure enough homes are being built. By doing so everybody in the society is able to buy or rent a home and still have enough to live on. This is also about the prices of the homes that can be bought, as well as private and social homes that can be rented- all these are in touch with these people who earn. No one is to be left behind. This is knowing that there’s help available in times where you might struggle to pay mortgage or rent. Helping people through the difficult times everyone faces.


YOU Can Make a Real Difference


Shelter helps millions of people year after year. Those who are struggling with homelessness or bad housing. Shelter campaigns hard to prevent this in the first place. The organisation needs your help for them to continue doing this. They are always on the look-out to hire dedicated and passionate individuals having the expert knowledge, skills, experience, and talent in helping them achieve their vision of a safe, secure, and affordable home for everybody. They offer a wide array of roles throughout the organisation and across the United Kingdom. This way whatever you do, wherever you are, you can join Shelter and make their vision a reality.


How You Can Help


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