Sue Ryder was a humanitarian dedicated to the relief and care of people who were displaced from their homes during World War II. Her efforts to alleviate the conditions of distressed and desolate individuals are the foundations of the Sue Ryder organization.


Currently, the organization focuses on providing incredible hospice and neurological care for people facing life-changing diagnosis. Sue Ryder focuses not only on the medical aspect of a person, but more importantly the emotional situation and daily life of the afflicted, making sure that the patients are able to cope with their frightening situation, and help them live their lives to the fullest.


Sue Ryder focuses on the person, not the condition, which is why a team of passionate individuals are at the heart of its everyday operations. Sue Ryder nurses and care specialists go the extra mile to personally understand the unique situations of each and every patient in order to make sure that all their needs are met. These specialists are the embodiment of the human person; they are full of compassion and understanding, so they see the bigger picture as well as the smallest of details which makes a person unique. They use this knowledge in order to provide the best care to every Sue Ryder patient whether it is a terminally-ill adult, or a traumatised child.


Sue Ryder values the lives of all human beings, and the organization believes that a better future can be created if everyone works together. Sue Ryder also believes that every person has their own challenges, and no two people are the same, which is how they apply this philosophy to their activities: challenges are welcome in order to better their services and create a better atmosphere for their patients.


Sue Ryder’s 3,000 employees and over 12,000 volunteers all over the UK are experts in human interaction, and are trained to create positive change to every person they interact with. Our volunteers enable patients to live fuller lives and help them create meaningful experiences with their families and the community.  Sue Ryder offers support services ranging from hospice and neurological care, home care services, rehabilitation sessions, self-management programs, personal therapy sessions, and group therapy sessions. Most of all, volunteers are more than happy to be friends who will listen to their patients with utmost concern.


The organization is also concerned about changing the way the community thinks of patients who need emotional and neurological care. Just because they have been diagnosed with a terminal illness or a permanent disability, does not mean that they should stop living their lives, or the community treats them as if they do not matter anymore. Sue Ryder is constantly calling for individuals, communities, and policymakers to change the way they see these people and understand that they are still functioning members of society. These patients are still children, parents, friends, workers, leaders, and they deserve as much help and support as everyone else.


Having a life-changing diagnosis does not only affect the individual, but their friends and family as well. Sue Ryder also offers support services to families of the afflicted through emotional advice sessions, grief coping, and bereavement support. No one has to go through it alone, and Sue Ryder understands your pain and knows how to help.


With seven hospices and four neurological centers around the UK, Sue Ryder assures that each and every person has somewhere to go, has someone who will listen and understand, and has a friend they can turn to in their most desolate of times. Sue Ryder has volunteers and specialists who can cater to every need, and who are constantly learning in order to give the best, most personalized services to all their patients.


Sue Ryder is actively campaigning their mission to help those who have life-changing diagnoses, and needs your help to get their message across.


There are so many ways to help the people of Sue Ryder reach their goals. For an amount as low as £10, you can make a huge difference in a person’s life. If you want to take a more active role in helping others, you can also become a volunteer of Sue Ryder. Being a volunteer means that you can personally interact with the patience and personally help them with their needs. The organization is also developing ideas for fundraising such as marathons, cycling events, activity days, and is open to partnerships with other organizations.


Sue Ryder also has an online community wherein you will find friends and volunteers who understand, and can offer their advise and help the organization grow with new and innovative ideas. Technology is Sue Ryder’s friend, too.


Remember, having a life-changing diagnosis or disability does not mean the end of life. Sue Ryder is here to bring back the meaning into living your fullest.


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