Following in the footsteps of Jesus, Christian charity Tearfund is committed to extending help and support to the world’s poorest and most disadvantaged. Communities who are the worst hit of poverty and disasters are their top priority. They believe that these same people should be involved in rebuilding their communities and creating a better future for their children.




The year was 1960 and the Cold War was at its peak. At this time 40 million people around the world became refugees of war or disaster. Knowledge about this worldwide suffering resulted in great compassion among Christians in the United Kingdom. A lot of them were sending money to the Evangelical Alliance (EA) who were not even involved in development work or aid overseas. They felt the need to establish a fund in order to efficiently distribute the cash they receive. The money was being sent to evangelical agencies worldwide. These people were deeply involved in caring for refugees and their families around the world. Former curate George Hoffman came into the picture in 1967 and was hired to develop the funds to work better.


Tearfund Was Born


On May 29, 1968, Mr. Hoffman and members of the Evangelical Alliance Relief Fund Committee came together for the first time. They all felt the need to combine Christian compassion with practical action to maximize the fund’s full potential.


A Fresh, New Approach


Propelled into the Christian stage, Tearfund urged a new understanding of the Gospel aimed at reaching out to the poor. Great emphasis was placed not only on their physical needs, but spiritual needs as well. This new perspective called the attention of singer superstar Cliff Richard. In 1969 the icon performed two concerts at the Royal Albert Hall to support the organization. He then went on to become a longtime supporter.


Long-term development remains the top priority of Tearfund. For half a century now, Tearfund continues to build partnerships with local churches worldwide. These partnerships helped them to get to the core of these communities to bring change more effectively.


Expertise and Professionalism


Tearfund is committed to professionalism and are widely recognized for their expertise in relief, development, and advocacy. The organization is also signatories to the Red Cross Code of Conduct and known to be certified agents against the Humanitarian Accountability Partnership Standard. 83 pence in every pound that they receive is allotted to life-changing works with the world’s poorest.




Back in 2006 Tearfund launched a ten-year vision. Within this span of time 50 million people would have been released from both material and spiritual poverty through the help of a worldwide network of 100,000 churches. Since then this is what they have achieved:


  • 132,000 Churches established. Jesus is at the heart of every aspect of life, knowing that man are created in God’s image.
  • 29 million reached via community development projects. People in their own comunities are the ones involved in sustaining their livelihoods, relationships, health, and natural environment.
  • 303 Policies Are Changed. Policies and practices were  changed in all levels (local, national and international). This resulted in the transformation in the lives of the poorest and most vulnerable people.
  • 12 million people have been supported after experiencing disasters. Despite their devastating experience, these same people can face the future in a positive light. They have hope because they are equipped with the necessary basic commodities, skills and resources.


About You


There are several ways you can support tearfund. It’s not just about money. As a Christian organization they believe that you are called to bring good news to the poor. You have to be brave and take a stand on issues of justice.


First is prayer. Tearfund believes that they cannot make a difference without prayers from faithful supporters like you. That’s why they provide lots of resources to help you pray by yourself, together, or in a small group in your church. These include prayer diaries and weekly prayer updates via email (“One Voice”).


Second, you can also help in Tearfund campaigns and in the process obey the biblical mandate which asks everyone to speak up for those experiencing poverty. Tearfund campaigns are conducted at local, national, and international levels with the help of their supporters and the local church. The Tearfund Act team have worked with churches and various supporters all across the globe to change unlawful acts and push for more constructive and sustainable ways for everyone to live.


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