The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty To Children (NSPCC) is a charity organisation dedicated to protecting children’s rights and raising awareness about United Kingdom and the Channel Island’s increasing cases of child abuse. The charity began in 1884 as the “London Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children” after Liverpool businessman Thomas Agnew saw the New York Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children during the year.


The NSPCC can perform better than its counterpart charities because it has statutory powers provided by the Children Act 1989. The charity can provide care and supervision orders for children they deem at risk of abuse. The charity has over 60 child protection teams across the country funded by public charity events and donations.


Mission Vision


The New York Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children impressed Liverpool-based businessman Thomas Agnew so much during his travel to America in 1884. Upon arriving back to his city, he called other English businessmen and prominent figures to create the Liverpool Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, which later combined with other English cities and towns to become the London Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children. It was in 1889 when the UK passed the first law to protect children, which granted the then-LSPCC to become the NSPCC to this day.


The NSPCC’s goal is to protect children at risk of abuse to recover from their lives. With their statutory and supervisory powers, their specialists and volunteers can provide care for the children to get them back on their feet and give them a new and better lease at life.


Roles and Contributions


The NSPCC aligns its goals to uplift children’s rights based on the United Nations’ Convention on the Rights of the Child. It intends to protect them from all forms of violence and exploitation. The NSPCC works to raise every person’s responsibility to support the care and protection of children, to listen and respect their views, and to encourage them to fulfill their potential by removing all possible obstacles to achieving this.


The charity has a helpline “ChildLine” number that offers support to children who may be at risk of abuse. On the Internet, NSPCC has an online counselling service for children and young adults who may have been abused or exploited. It also has a Child Protection Consultancy service that keeps organisations, schools, and sporting bodies, in check for possible child abuse.


Helping Children Rebuild Post-Abused Lives


Child abuse comes in different forms. It can be physical or verbal torture. It may be forced labour or adult sexual misconduct against children. As they are defenceless against these events at their young age, young children can only endure the suffering and take it as part of their status quo, which can affect the quality of their lives in the future.


NSPCC, in line with its goals, wants this to end. Working with 60 teams nationwide, the organisation monitors possible children at risk of any form of sexual, physical, and verbal abuse. The public’s funding allows them to train and mobilise their teams, which help hundreds of abused children recover and live new lives daily.


Raising Child Abuse Awareness In Both Public and Private Sectors


Child abuse is an impending problem. According to a recent NSPCC report, about 1,300 sexual communications towards children have been made in 2017 after a recent UK law allowed authorities to snoop on communications. These methods are intended to “groom” or “brainwash” children into thinking their sexual activities are normal and part of their growth.


NSPCC also lobbies on government policy by prioritising the rights and needs of abused children. With better policies and laws, children remain protected and the offenders are rightfully punished for their misdeeds. All of these are only possible with the help of donations and proper funding.


How To Get Involved


Join Their Raffle


NSPCC hosts a raffle that has 53 prizes. Anyone from the United Kingdom can participate and win at most £10,000 or a brand new car. Each ticket costs £1, which is not a bad deal; you can help yourself with the winnings, and you’re helping out children who are in need. Join today!


Sponsor or Participate in an Event


The NSPCC allows you to propose fundraising activities as long as it follows their guidelines. Previously, its Childline services had organised a children’s Christmas concert. Community-proposed projects had also helped create dance competitions and chefs dinners that send their profits directly to help the charity. Participate and help children today!


Make a One-Off  Donation


A simple visit to their website’s donation page is enough to help children achieve better lives. You can choose to make a one-off donation of £10 or have it charge your account monthly. You can also leave a will or incline your company to work with raising profits to prevent child abuse.


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