The International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) was born in Bombay, now known in India as Mumbay, in 1952. It aimed to promote sexual and reproductive wellness through knowledge of family planning and proper reproductive care, and access to reproductive protection and contraceptives. Originally from India, the organisation shifted its head operations into London, England while it manages different charity centres in more than 189 countries.


Governments, trust funds, the European Commission and the United Nations Population Fund sponsors the IPPF with its special projects. It also works with the WHO, the UNDP, UNICEF, UNFPA, and OECD in creating projects and spreading awareness about reproductive health and care worldwide.


Mission Vision


As its name implies, the IPPF’s objective is the educate the world’s population regarding family planning and proper reproductive health. It also aims to give individuals access to options for unplanned pregnancies that could detrimentally lead them to poverty. The IPPF’s research has shown that most poor communities find difficulty developing due to the lack of reproductive health education and having options to plan their families.


The IPPF also raises awareness regarding the plights of women and children worldwide. Based on its research with other organisations, it discovered the females, including pre-teen children, are the most vulnerable when it comes to sexual abuse. The organisation lobbies in the UK and international governments in raising awareness and creating action through new policies.


Roles and Contributions


The IPPF raises awareness regarding women and children’s rights. It also advocates for sexual wellness by providing knowledge and tools to improve family planning and reproductive wellness all over the world. Its headquarters is situated in London, England, but its operations span 189 countries.


According to its 2017 report, it had provided 74 per cent of its funding to women and girls all over the world. It had also imparted 41% its knowledge and tools to young individuals under 25 years old.


Currently, it is fighting the global gag rule (GGR) that has reduced healthcare funding in different parts of the world. It continues to aggregate stories of suffering families as a consequence of the new ruling.


A Global Endeavour to Deliver Sexual and Reproductive Care Services


About 60 percent of countries in the world have no access to proper sex education and resources to manage their reproductive health from protection to family planning. The IPPF endeavours to ensure all countries and its populations have options when it comes to family planning and reproductive health.


Research from the IPPF and different charity organisations have found that improper family planning and lack of reproductive health services is the main cause of poverty for many communities worldwide. By giving these communities the knowledge and support that can help them create productive families that have options when it comes to family planning, it can improve the communities’ quality of life.


Fighting for the Rights of Female Children Worldwide


Women and children are vulnerable to sexual attacks worldwide. About 50% of children in impoverished regions worldwide suffer from sexual abuse on a daily basis. Women who are impregnated by their aggressors are bogged down by civil law to either marry them or bear their child. These women who have suffered through so much hardship are also ridiculed due to local religious and cultural stigmas.


The IPPF helps raise awareness about these poor communities and create solutions to give them access to options that can improve their quality of life through proper family planning and knowledge of reproductive health services.


How You Can Get Involved


Become a Volunteer


You can choose to work for the IPPF as a professional. it includes a benefits package that aims to achieve a good work and life balance. If you are willing to learn about their endeavours while providing your professional experience to improve the quality of their services, you can apply to them as a professional.


Meanwhile, if you want to be an advocate of women’s rights and the rights of every human to better reproductive health and choice, then you can volunteer in the IPPF. You can provide emotional support to victims of sexual abuse or share the knowledge of family planning and reproductive rights to individuals who need it the most.


Make a Single Donation


You can choose to donate £50 as a minimum to fight the global gag rule and introduce funding to world charities focused on improving reproductive health. You can also choose your financing to head towards helping the marginalised and poor to have knowledge about reproductive health and an understanding of family planning.


Your single donation can help a volunteer provide comfort to a sexually-abused female child or woman. A recurring donation will continuously help these individuals and empower women’s rights and reproductive health rights the world over.


Join Their Online and Offline Movements


The IPPF also raises awareness through offline protests worldwide. It also creates online petitions that you can sign to help deliver the message of communities that need help and funding from their governments and worldwide charities. Protests offline will have you spreading the message of sexual wellness and proper family planning in the world’s most troubled communities.


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