The People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals (PDSA) was established in 1917 by Maria Dickin to raise awareness about sick, injured, and poor animals in the country that require medical expertise and support. In the years since its establishment, the PDSA carries out more than one million veterinary consultations yearly. It also became the largest employer of fully-qualified veterinary surgeons and nurses since 2009.


Pets who are qualified to receive housing or council tax benefits and live in any of the organisation’s “catchment areas” can benefit from its free veterinary services for pets. The PDSA performs neutering, vaccinations, and microchipping. Other advanced medical operations and treatments require a service payment, but at a price below the market’s standard.


Mission Vision


In the Whitechapen area, animal welfare activist and pioneer Maria Dickin tried to help every animal she found lying in the streets of London. Soon, she saved enough to open a clinic to provide treatment for families’ pets during the war.


Despite the negative outlook towards her work, such as prioritising animal welfare above human issues present during the time, she opened the first dispensary in her Whitechapel home’s basement in 1917. The success of her clinic helped her own her horse-drawn clinic with the huge PDSA print.


The PDSA focuses on saving, protecting, and improving pets’ quality of life. They also do this by educating owners about their pets’ needs to ensure the families can foster their lives better.


Roles and Contributions


The PDSA operates throughout the United Kingdom and partners with qualified veterinarians and nurses. It also helps operate animal hospitals in the area by providing funding and knowledge-improving support to help animals recover and educate owners to promote preventative wellness.


Its catchment areas allow pet owners to receive virtually-free and economical pet care. It also takes initiative when it comes to supplying animal rescue groups, including its own animal rescue teams, equipment and supplies necessary to rescue animals and provide them shelter through animal sanctuaries across the United Kingdom.


It also has a branch in South Africa that has become autonomous yet remains a strong ally of the PDSA.


Helping Homes Care For Their Pets


Preventative knowledge is the best solution to any problem because it prevents the issue from occurring in the first place. Homes with knowledge about their pets’ behaviours, possible health problems, and proper diets allow them to prevent any future health complications.


Homeowners are at the core of every pet’s wellbeing. A homeowner lacking in knowledge and support regarding the wellness of their pets is likely to neglect and decrease the pets’ quality of life in their own home. By educating homes and giving them resources that help improve their pets’ living conditions, the charity succeeds in helping animals become part of homes and urban areas easily.


Catchment Areas for Virtually Free Medical Support and Knowledge


Catchment areas allow pet owners to receive benefits from the PDSA, such as veterinary check-ups, surgeries, and even supplements without any cost at all. By entering your postcode in their website, you can see the nearest PDSA Catchment Area ready to provide help and support for your pet.


While most operations are free and resource-consuming ones require a small fee, you may be asked to provide a small voluntary contribution for the treatment. All dogs, cats, and “small furry” animals that qualify as pets can receive treatment from these catchment centres.


How To Get Involved


Join Their Events


PDSA holds many events in local communities. You can help them by participating in these events as a guest. Aside from donating to their fundraising stalls, you can enjoy an afternoon of dog shows, pet lectures, and other educational events near your area.


If you’re feeling quite sporty, you can join their Big Fun Run annual marathons if there’s one near you. You can also join the Dog Jog and the Manchester Marathon. Have fun, get healthy, and make the country safer for pets, too!


Create a Fundraising Campaign


You can choose to join an event. You can also choose to create your own event. If you have an amazing idea for a good run, out of country hike, or other activities that can raise awareness and funding for the organisation, then you’re welcome to register your idea.


PDSA has its own fundraising guide downloadable on its website. Once your fundraising idea is approved, the organisation will supply you with the resources and work force to implement it. It can be as simple as creating a charity shop or hosting an entire marathon in your own community.


Become a Volunteer


When you volunteer as a charity shop manager, fundraiser, or event organiser for the PDSA, you make the world of pets a bit safer and healthier. Every year, the PDSA has 10,000 new volunteers — you’ll never be alone in organising events or helping homeowners know more about their pets’ welfares.


In fact, even if there is no pay as a volunteer, the time you spend helps you gain experience in retail and learn customer skills. You can learn tech skills in data processing if you volunteer to work in their offices in Telford, Shropshire. There is an endless opportunity for growth as a PDSA Volunteer.


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