If you research carefully, you’ll find some amazing deals on electricity and gas. These bundles have you pay about 5%-30% less the usual amount you pay for the service individually. The pros and cons of such are that you are truly saving some money and hitting two birds with one stone, and having to struggle with a single service provider’s quality of service.


Some households would purchase a bundled deal without question because it saves them money. However, it might be costing them more. They might fail to maximize their electricity, gas, or both, because they fail to consider their needs in the process. On the contrary, a family with excellent electric and gas bundles might be losing money because they failed to consider their income’s role.


Here are a few things to know whether you’re actually saving money with your existing electricity and gas bundle.


Monthly Income


An average UK home spends about £1,500 on average for both electricity and gas. If your monthly income is about £2,000 to £3,000, then cutting down on your electricity and gas usage is necessary. However, some cases force the household to use more electricity and gas, such as extremely cold temperatures or the addition of new appliances for self-sufficiency at home.


Review your budget to make sure a bundled energy deal or an individual electricity and gas deal can work for you. Set your priorities and stick to your budget when possible. Most bundles have a fixed rate allowing them to operate perfectly with your budget. However, cut corners realistically and avoid entertaining any deals that will compromise the budget.


Energy and Gas Demands at Home


As mentioned earlier, cutting down realistically on electricity and gas usage is necessary. However, only make realistic projections. Your appliances require energy to operate. You can prioritize your refrigerator if your household leaves plenty of consumable leftovers. You can prioritize your television and Internet router electricity if you find it necessary for your daily activities.


However, if you can reduce electricity and gas use in other occasional activities, then you can save immensely with a bundled deal. Remember, your bundles have probably offered a 5-30% discount on their services. You can retain your usual energy consumption and save some money, or save bigger by doing as suggested.


Investing in Insulation


Improving your property’s insulation is the best way to spend your bundle discounts. You can have your windows double-glazed to prevent external temperature contamination. Replacing and insulating your roofing membrane helps improve insulation. Keeping your home airtight helps you drive down expenses thermostats incur.


However, if you often spend time in the office and there are no children or family members staying at home, then you may avoid insulation. However, it would save you more money if you do not leave the thermostat on to keep the room temperature consistent. Paying thirty minutes of your time to allow your home to warm up is quite a bargain compared to the bills you’ll get doing the latter.


Rebates and Quality of Service


The upside of a bundled deal is rebates. These cash backs and discounts are amazing especially if you know you’ll stay with the deal package for quite a while. Paying 5%-30% less can help you save as much as £400 a month on utilities without even adjusting your electricity and gas usage.


However, a bundled deal means you’re stuck with a single customer service channel. Contending with hundreds of thousands of consumers means you will have delayed requests for repairs and maintenance. This also means your investment is at a loss. On the upside, their consistency will mean convenience for you, and also means you just saved money.


Repair and Maintenance Response


When you’re going for a bundled subscription, you’re not only saving money by having discounts and good electricity and gas services. You’re also paying for the repair and maintenance service that the company provides in case you have issues.

If you are rendered consistently poor repair services, then you can count the bundle as a loss. You are saving money, but you cannot maximise you electric and gas lines because of poor repair and maintenance.




Is your electricity and gas bundle saving you money? It depends on your electricity use, your patience to contend with customer service, repairs, and maintenance, and other factors. However, if you take your time budgeting and allotting a fixed figure for electric and gas consumption, then you can definitely save money and take advantage of the bundle’s discounts.


Remember to stick to your budget and perform in-depth research within energy and gas bundle comparison websites to find what works for your home energy demands and income. The top priority is to have a deal where you can maximize the product and save money in the process.


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