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BT Home Phone – Unlimited Anytime


anytime Calls

12 Month


£9.99 p/m

£0 setup cost

BT Home Phone – Unlimited Weekend

£75.00 Prepaid MasterCard


weekend Calls

12 Month


£18.99 p/m

£0 setup cost

BT Home Phone – Unlimited Evening and Weekend


weekend and evening Calls

18 Month


£18.99 p/m

£9.99 setup cost

Decoding Broadband Deals

Broadband Speed
The number of Mb, or megabytes, that a broadband provider advertises is the maximum speed that your internet connection will run at. The speed is actually determined by a number of different factors, including the area you live in and the type of cables the connection uses. If you choose a non-fibre optic product, you may find your connection runs at different speeds depending on the time of day. The distance you are from the telephone exchange could also make a difference. Although our guide works as a good estimate of the speed you are likely to receive, it is worth checking with the individual provider to get a more accurate number.
We have chosen deals that are widely available across the UK, but there may be some areas that are not eligible for the price we have advertised. Please check with the provider when signing up.
We hope that you will find our ranking system useful. You may have noticed that the cheapest deals are not always at the top of the list. This is because our system is based on value rather than price, taking into account what each provider offers in terms of speed, product and incentives. We have also looked at the most popular and most competitive deals and at providers that make it easy for you to switch to them. However, if you would rather list providers in order of price, speed or contract length, you can change the way the offers are displayed. And, as our website is all about giving back to charity, you can even list the deals in order of donation size, to ensure your chosen charity receives the most money possible.

Better Broadband

It used to be that installing an internet connection in a new home for the first time was a time-consuming process that was inconvenient and tricky, and that switching between providers was almost impossible.

Things have moved on, and now it is easier than ever to find the best package for your needs and have it set up in your home.

We work with the country's top providers, and some of the smaller ones, to bring you the best deals currently on offers, along with their individual specifications, so you can easily compare providers and choose the best package for you. Our completely transparent service allows you to see all the costs associated with each package, such as the initial set-up price, monthly line rental and any discounts available to you.

Time to Compare

Use the drop down box at the top of the page to change the order that the deals are displayed in.You can choose to view them in order of popularity, speed, size of donation, contract length or cost, so that you can quickly and easily see the deal that is best for you. We have gathered together the best deals from leading providers in the UK to give you the chance to compare offers whilst supporting causes close to your heart.

Many of our offers are available nationwide, but some are dependant on your location due to the special technology used. Cable broadband also requires the use of certain cables which may require major works to be undertaken in order for it to become accessible to you. To ensure you are eligible for your chosen deal, use our postcode checker to see if it is available in your area.

ADSL Broadband

If you are unsure, it is best to choose an ADSL connection, which works through an active BT broadband, as this is  attainable almost everywhere. Most service providers now also offer high-speed ADSL2 connections now also, ask your broadband provider for more information.

Many phone companies now offers package deals that include a phone line, broadband and sometimes even TV bundles. It may be worth switching providers to someone like TalkTalk or EE in order to claim a deal like this.

Wireless Broadband

This type of broadband is ideal if you have many different device you need to connect to the internet, including gaming consoles, smart phones, smart TVs and PCs. All of them will be able to connect to the internet wirelessly, as long as there is a router somewhere in the home.

Cable Broadband

These days, fewer people are willing to pay for a landline when they can use their mobile phone for all their calls and messages. some of the top broadband providers are mobile and cable companies, who are able to deliver their service through fibre optic cables instead of the traditional phone lines. The connection is often much faster than ADSL broadband and can be purchased from companies such as Virgin media, PlusNet, TalkTalk, John Lewis, BT, Sky and Origin.