We Truly Want To Make
A Difference To Our Planet

What Is Willdiffer?

Willdiffer Is A Utility Price Comparision
Site With A Difference.

Willdiffer allows you to compare the latest utility packages across a whole range of utility service providers to find the best deal for you. When you switch providers with us, we will donate money to the charities which matter to you.

Willdiffer is a business that cares about the future and helping others at the same time.

Our main focus is to help our customers to get the best possible utility deals they can get. We speak to hundreds of utility suppliers to bring you the latest deals across broadband, mobile and energy service providers.

We also see ourselves as a responsible company with strong ethics. We therefore choose to donate half of our revenue from each utility switch to helping causes that matter to our customers so we can make the difference and support the things that really matter.

What We Do?

We compare providers across a range of utilities and services, such as broadband, TV, energy, phone packages and much more. Our website is simple and easy to use so our customers can quickly compare a range of products and services and chooses the best one to suit their needs.

We look at a whole host of comparators and include many providers so that we can help our customers find the best deal. We try to make our website as easy to use as possible, allowing you to search across providers and sort by the criteria that matter to you, whether that is the cost, the contract length or the donation amount that is aligned to each provider.

When you choose to switch utility providers with our website, we will donate half of our revenue to a charity that is selected by you. We currently have an extensive list of charities on our website that you can donate to, but we want to keep growing our list. If you can’t find a charity close to your heart on our list, then get in touch so we can add your chosen charity to our collection of good causes.

We Support Great Charities

We are a supporter of charities, and we truly want to make a difference to our planet, but we are not a charity nor are we a non-profit organisation, and we don’t pretend to be.

Charities need consistent funding to continue their great work. Willdiffer provides a roadmap to achieving this funding.

When a customer switches service provider through Willdiffer, we are paid a commission by the service provider. We donate half of our commission to charities, of which our customers choose. The other half is spent running the business so that we can improve our offering and help to improve our service.

Giving Our Customers Choice

We compare a broad range of utility providers so our customers can choose the best service for them. With this in mind, it’s only fair that our customers get to choose what charity they would like to donate to.

We offer a whole host of charities that spans all interests and covers a range of local charities right through to international aid organisations. Willdiffer wants to help as many charities as possible, so we are keen for our customers to get in touch and tell us which causes really matter to them.

Willdiffer believes this is the way to do business, allowing our customers to get the best deal and allowing charities to benefit from much-needed donations. That way, everyone wins.

How Willdiffer Works

Sign Up And Choose Your Charity

Pick from hundreds of charities such as animals, sport or disability.

Switch Utility Providers For A Better Deal

With all the big providers available, choose the best utility deal for you.

Sit Back And Raise Money For Charity

We get paid by the provider. We then donate to your chosen charity.